From Hull and back (part 1)

Well a little blog post to fill in the gaps since the last SNDH release in August 2015! Crikey, doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun? More like: time flies when you’re heading into the realms of middle age and you have no time for the ST.

As far as the collection goes, currently (as of 12th May 2016) we have 158 new/updated SNDH’s comprising 225 tunes. Quite a mixed bunch of tunes ranging from the MusicMon delights of BITS demos to the winning entry Flash of the ROM by fellow PHF member gwEm at last year’s epic STNICCC. Anyway that’s just a taster of what the next release will feature. Now a few thoughts about PHF / SNDH related goings on :-

As I mentioned in December 2015 all three current PHF members descended on the Netherlands for the third STNICCC party. Cal & Grazey attended the last party in 2000 but this was gwEm’s first experience of a vintage and current scene cocktail, kind of like Babycham mixed with Red Bull I guess. Well the Northern contingent of the crew decided to insanely bike from the Kingston Upon Hull (UK City of Culture 2017 – more of that later) to Gouda. gwEm quite rightly took the more speedy and civilised flying route into Schiphol.


Above: L-R Grazey on his way, Cal made it!, PHF (Grazey, Cal, gwEm)

From an Atari music perspective the party far exceeded all my dreams and expectations. Firstly there was the small matter of two chip musician legends within my floppy disk throwing arc. Then there was the plethora of new ST chip tunes submitted to the compo! Within a few minutes Richard Karsmakers introduced me and Cal to Rob Hubbard, yes, “Rob fucking Hubbard”. Rob was my true hero back in the day. Strangely at that time (1985-6ish), around Zzap! 64 and their Musician’s Ball articles I did not realise Rob came from our home city. I’d never met Rob before even though I only live less than 10 miles from the maestro. In fact it was Hubbard and Jeroen Tel/MON tunes who were the catalyst for my music ripping ‘career’ – my first rips were on the C64 before moving to the ST.


Above: L-R Paul Loraine, Rob Hubbard, Grazey

Within seconds both myself and Cal were immersed in “’ull speak” dialog, it was if we’d known him for years. Also in our conversation was Paul Loraine who I’d met at a 40th birthday party in Newcastle, I’d know Paul’s brother for years from many Glastonbury festivals, but never knew his brother had been a commercial chip musician – releasing game tunes including Huckleberry Hound, Popeye 2 and Arcade Trivia Quiz.. Dutchies and Germans looked on as our conversion became more indecipherable, this continued to lunch time when we shared rather delicious Dutch meatballs.


Above: L-R. Rob Hubbard, Grazey(PHF), Tinker(Teenage), gwEm (PHF), BBM(Demografica)

During this time I quizzed Rob on the origins of his ST music routine. Rob only did a handful of ST tunes, the most notable been Goldrunner which was a cover of his C64 Mastertronic Human Race IV tune (one narnty narn!). Rob explained that it was Steve Bak (coder of the ultra smooth Goldrunner) who actually converted a Z80 music driver to 68000. He then gave this to David Whittaker who used it before writing his own ubiquitous music routine. He also confirmed that he did write the ST music to Thundercats. Whittaker was often wrongly credited with writing the tune due to the use of Rob’s driver and no credits within the game. It was during this time Rob eventually moved to California to work for Electronic Arts – there his ST tunes dried up with the exception of the digital track for Populous (still not SNDH’d – shock!).

One other snippet, as I mentioned myself and Cal biked to Gouda from Hull, we did this via the P&O ferry from Hull to Rotterdam. This is a big overnight ferry which can carry in excess of 1500 passengers, 200 cars, 200 lorries, it’s like a floating hotel. Anyway on board there’s 2 restaurants, 1 dance stage, 2 cinemas, 4 bars. The top deck bar is called the “Sky Lounge” this is frequented normally by the older generations, the Sky Lounge consists of a cocktail bar and the music is provided by the in-house Richard Cladermanesque pianist.


Above: L-R. Pride of Hull ferry, Sky Lounge pianist

Back to the plot, I asked what Rob did when he returned to the UK from EA, you know what?! He became the resident pianist on our ferry!! Sooooo wish I’d known at the time, mmh piano version of Phantoms of the Asteroid or Commando anyone?!

Anyway our chat moved to things closer to home – notably Hull City of Culture 2017


Hull was named as the UK’s City of Culture in 2013, known for being the home of poet Philip Larkin, Sir Tom Courtney, Mick Ronson, Amy Johnson, William Wilberforce, John Venn & of course Rob Hubbard. I asked if Rob had any plans to be involved – I was thinking something along the lines of a SuperByte, but Rob said he was hopefully planning an orchestral extravaganza performing some of his greatest works to a local audience. Lets hope so!

There the Hullites went their separate ways, Rob drifted on a historical tour of Gouda, Grazey & Cal shifted upstairs for a bit of coding and movem.l d0-d7,$ffff8840.w – shadow!

Anyway that ends the first part of my STNICCC SNDH blog, part 2 will feature Maaaaad Maaaaxx

SNDH 4.5

Here we are 4.5 finally! Taken quite a while, but there's a lot going on behind the scenes. Our intention was to release this update with the BIG changes ahead, however we decided to get this beast in the wild so we can concentrate on the future of SNDH.

Ok a few notes about this release which entered my head:

Barry Leitch Driver

Stefan Lindberg hinted that my SNDH for Zone Warrior did not sound the same as in the game (I remember years ago that my Utopia rip never sounded 100% but never really investigated why. First the game contained an extra 10 tunes, which are now added. But more importantly my SNDH did not play the tunes as they sounded within the game. This was because I assumed the music driver was only called once every 50th of a second (VBL). On closer inspection I noticed there was also some music code within the game's Timer B raster code and two routines were called for the play routine and not one. Fear not, the SNDH now sounds the same as the game. A knock on effect from this is that some other Barry Leitch musics also feature this driver - hence updates of Utopia, Viking Child, Raiden, Impossamole, Pegasus and Super Cars 2 and  Harlequin which all sound much better :) Just as I was about to release 4.5 I was pointed in the direction of a Youtube interview with Barry in the interview Bazza divulged that he also composed the music to the ground breaking ST busting Postman Pat .... so that makes it way into the archive too!

Moonshine away......

I've had a semi finished rip of Richard Joseph's Moonshine Racer on my hard drive for years. The reason for this is the 'faffy' way the game plays the intro music. Rather than having one tune it calls multiple sub tunes which are embedded into the game's code. Anyway I finally added my own timer routine into the game which measured exactly when each sub tune was called.... so now you can hear the tune as it sounds in the game :) As usual I checked Atarimania for any un-ripped Joseph tunes, therefore I've also done Dragon's Breath and Demoniak.

Piscol Cross-Out fixed

Seems sub tune 9 of X-Out was buggy, all fixed now.

Obscure music add on

Stefan once again came up with some obscure unknown information relating to the Gremlin game Federation of Free Traders. We are all aware of the famous title music for this came which was the opening piece for my UMD 8730 intro. However I didn't know the game featured another 18 sub-tunes which could be loaded from a separate music disk. Needless to say they are now included!

FOFT Music Disk

Dave Lowe or not Dave Lowe, that is the question

I've recently backed Dave Lowe's successful Kickstarter project which will be updating his old tunes onto CD (including a full orchestral version of Frontier - Elite 2!). Anyway I mentioned on his site about updating Venus The Flytrap. Surprisingly he responded to say that it wasn't one of his tunes! After further investigating I found the 68000 music driver code is identical to my new SNDH of BSS Jane Seymour. I'm therefore pretty confident that both tunes are by Jason Sheppard. But it doesn't stop there! I'd never SNDH'd many of Dave's digi tracks - so you now have Carrier CommandStarglider 2 and the funky After Burner which features his sample sequencer. Oh and more of his sound chip stuff too: RafflesBetrayal and The Games: Summer Edition.

PHF, Live!, D-Bug co-production

A bit of self promotion next. Over the summer I released a little MSA imager called Trans D-Bug Express the program gives the best success rate for imaging old disks (far higher than MSA 1.4, MSA 2.3 or Fcopy DIM format). This was a team effort with additional code by GGN, lush GFX by Ukko and Kraftwerk music by gwEm. In the archive you will find music from TDE both in its release form and gwEm original which features additional samples!


More Jochen Hippel rarities

Warp Preview -  as usual we like to include exclusives. This time an ancient Mad Max preview version of Warp using his old music driver. This also includes a sub tune unused in the final release version!

Fresh tunes!

It's not just old stuff, we've got many party releases and tunes by new composers like Shinobi (particularly dig your Dropzone tune!)

Bugger to relocate!

Finally I've ripped / SNDH'd some tunes which were in my "can't be arsed / too difficult" folder.... firstly there's Sapiens most of you will recognised both sub tunes as Chrispy Noodle  of the BBC did chip covers of both of these. Quite an advanced digi synth for the time Mr Soulet.

Give Eve the apple!

The other major format I've done for this release is Sierra's AGI & SCI interpreter, so now you can hear all the unmistakable Al Lowe tunes from Leisure Suit LarryKing's QuestSpace Quest and cutting edge games like Donald Ducks Playtime! thanks to Don Adan for some of the data files from the Amiga versions.

Enjoy - Grazey / Showaddywaddy, Evil DHS


Some guy on Atari-Age asked me if I could write a little progette to convert Music Studio SNDH files back to their native format so he could play via midi.

No problem, the massive 1kb PRG is here

Oh and Dave Lowe's kickstarter  has reminded me I had not ripped Carrier Command or Starglider 2, remedied and in SNDH 4.5


I'm alive

Don't worry, the lack of post on here doesn't mean I've been dormant. There's been plenty of activity SNDH wise. Looking ahead we should have an SNDH update back ready for the Outline party in the Netherlands in May. Plenty of good stuff will be included including many of the Sierra games :)

I'm also doing other things with my D-Bug hat on which again may see the light of day at Outline.

SNDH 4.4

Here we are with SNDH release v4.4 (available at )

Let us start with the rather Dutch slant this time. Well you can blame Lowlife/Hotline for that! :)

He posted on Facebook that he had found some old disks containing unreleased stuff! This included music files and the source code to TLB's Killing Spree (which we released at the Outline demo party).

On inspecting the disks I found many new tracks from Scavenger, ISO, Dr Beat, ENS and EVE. This provides the back bone of v4.4.

The Dutch theme continues with a comprehensive Lotus release. His Synth Dream music driver was rather nastily coded, well in the day it was quite innovative but from the sense of making it Falcon and OS compatible it's nasty! So finally we have all his tunes in SNDH format after co work from myself and gwEm.

Next we have 20 tunes from French composer Charles Callet, once I worked out his music format ripping other games became easy. As usual Atari-Mania assisted in locating obscure titles written by Charles. Although I've found many other Callet tunes which are yet to be credited in their database.

Other worthy mentions include Quartet tunes by Flix / Delta Force and some nice C64/ST conversions by Simon O.

I also located a very early Mad Max tune of Axel F used in a TEX cractro plus an un-released tune for Rings of Medusa!

As usual a some duplicate tunes have been deleted including Thundercats which is written by Sir Rob Hubbard and not David Whittaker.

Final mention and grateful thanks to GGN who with my help wrote a massive batch STOS song extractor!! To some this deserves a severe kicking, to other YM aficionados it deserves a pat on the back and a cup of Yorkshire tea! :) Expect more of these STOS treats in the next release!

SNDH 4.3

Well once again we peer under the bonnet of the latest SNDH release (available at ) giving more information to you inquisitive types.

Firstly as I mentioned at DHS this release comes in two parts. So lets start with actual new stuff :-

  • Relix Demo by 505 : The vast proportion of new tunes in this update are attributed to 505. This guy is a composing machine. Thankfully all his tunes are written in easily convertible formats which ease the SNDHing process. Oh how I wish I'd used those rare SSD tunes he gave me at Outline 2009. Now they are not so rare :)
  • Big Alec: Punish Your Machine : k:\rips\bigalec\to_do ...... welcome to Grazey's hard-drive. I so hate "to_do" directories. For yonks two Big Alec tracks have sat there. The actual tunes were easy the rip, the hard part is that both tunes are woven into the full screen / sync of the main menu and best part of creation screens.  On a number of occasions I've looked at them, then moved on to something easier. Finally I bit the bullet and with the assistance of Evil and GGN I succeeded. So now finally you have the proper 15khz digi drums with the tunes rather than Gunnar's chip drum equivalents.
  • Quartet : Good to see my Quartet 2 SNDH utility continue to prove useful. This time we have some tunes used in Sewer Hedgehog's rare Hibernation demos 1 & 2. I used to be contact with Hedgehog so please get in touch if you ever read this Mr Stafford guy :) We also have new tunes from Edd The Duck (aka Vobrien), Rob "Quartet" Povey and a guy named "X The Beermat"!
  • Nostalgic-O update : When this demo was released Tao sent me all his Magic Synth tunes in SNDH format. However to the ultra geeky YM folk it was apparent the songs were not identical to the tunes from the demo. You see Frank added an extra Sid voice to many of them as he was not constrained by Leonard's cycle counting demo screens. I recently decided that for completeness the archive should include the original demo tunes (with 2 Sid voices) in addition to the 'enhanced' tunes (with 3 Sid voices). After all, the SNDH collection strives to be an historic archive!
  • The Ancients :  I still find it incredible that I continue to discover many un-ripped tunes from well known prolific composers, examples in this release include : Ben Daglish, Barry Leitch, Holger Gehrmann, David Whittaker, Karsten Obarski and my personal favourite and ex-Cnetter Ant Lees!
  • Paul Summers : Look at my previous blog entry for info regarding Paul's tunes.

Now to the explanation regarding the massive number of SNDH fixes.

Back in August we received an email from Ben of The Overlanders, the coder of SC68  I first met him at the ST News Conference back in 2000. Since then we have had occasional contact discussing various topics regarding ST music. In recent conversations between Ben, myself and Evil we have debated the way forward for the SNDH archive, database and file structure. This debate is continuing as we speak and hopefully we should have more information to share in the next SNDH update.

In relation to updating SC68 Ben has created some very useful tools which will greatly assist in SNDH maintenance. One of his tools can interrogate the whole SNDH arcihve (4000+ files) and identify duplicate tunes from the actual musical notes! and any tunes which crash.

For example

Did you know Cloud Kingdoms and Warlock The Avenger (Both by David Whittakeruse exactly the same music file? Cloud Kingdoms uses all 10 sub-tunes whereas Warlock only uses sub-tune #7 for its title tune. Ben's program told us exactly that! Or that Backlash crashed at song end and didn't loop correctly ? Again Ben's program highlighted this bug.

His program also identifies duplicate files, hence the additional "Deleted" category in the full SNDH 4.3 read me file.

That's why we have many fixes in this update...and... why we will probably have a similar number in the next update!

So thanks to Ben for his hard work, fixing and more importantly the unearthing of some unreleased Jess tunes. Oh,  and fixing all my old Jess SNDH's - making them system compliant and giving the tunes their proper titles.

I think that will do for now.....


Paul Summers

Thanks to Stefan Lindberg for pointing me in the direction of :-

This has given me valuable composer information which created a chain reaction culminating in  the following tunes having correct info's or ripped :-

Predator - credited to Paul Summers

Everton FC - credited to Paul Summers , Mike Chilton removed

P47 Freedom fighter  - credited to Paul Summers , Mike Chilton removed

SDI  - credited to Paul Summers

Sonic Boom - credited to Paul Summers

Fighting Soccer - New Rip - credited to Paul Summers

Matrix Marauders - New Rip - credited to Paul Summers

Stryx - New Rip - credited to Paul Summers

that just leaves Super Hang On in the Source folder. I need to investigate that driver more closely looking for similarities with SDI. Though I'm pretty sure it is also by Paul Summers.


Even though we have had no update recently there's still a hive of activity going on behind the scenes!

As most of you YM freaks will probably already know, that prolific chipper 505 has released Relix with his Paradox and DHS buddies. 107 beauties grace this demo, all of which will be in the next update!

In other news, we've had much dialog with SC68 creator : Ben of the Overlanders. Consequently there's quite a lot going on with the SNDH database. Hopefully I should have more detailed explanations soon!


SNDH 4.2

Howdy, here is more in-depth information regarding the latest SNDH 4.2 release (available at )

  • THALION SOUND DEMO : This demo featured some nice digi tunes as well as new chip musics at that the time e.g. Bach The Future. The tunes are in the same format as the Union demo hidden screen so converting was straight forward :)

  • GARY WHEATON TUNES : Shapeshifter Budgie UK tunes are notoriously buggy. Luckily I stumbled across one Gary's demos which had his complete music collection in one file. Therefore I've updated all the old tunes with ones from this demo. The demo also featured new tunes not already in the SNDH archive :)
  • ROGGIE TUNES : Thanks to Tufty for pointing me in the direction of 40+ quartet tunes by Scottish composer - Roggie of the Slaytanic Cult.
  • XyNo Saurus TUNES : Now and again we get emails out of the blue. Here's one such occasion. So we present XyNo with some fantastic Musicmon / Maxymiser tunes :)
  • 505 TUNES : Evil unearthed some un-used 505 tunes. How dare they stay unknown, not any more!
  • FIXES : Big up's to efy and Pavel who keep me busy identifying bugs!
    • Ivanhoe : Fixed sub songs looping
    • Gary Wheaton : Fixed buggy replayers.
    • Backlash : Fixed player crash.
    • Hate: Fixed crash
    • Rambo III : Fixed silent songs
    • Deuteros : Fixed title name
    • In Eighty Days Around The World : Fixed crash and also found a Mad Max digital tune! Which is now included in the archive :)
    • Pacmania : All sub-tunes now included.
    • Projectyle: All Quartet sub-tunes now included.
  • MARTIN IVESON TUNES : Many moons ago I ripped the tune from Core's Wolfchild. At the time I presumed it was composed by 4-Mat of Anarchy (Matthew Simmonds) - due to him using an identical player for 4-Mat's other ST tunes. However I received an email from Matt advising he didn't compose the tune. Since then the tune has slept in the unknown folder. Recently I emailed Martin Iveson the composer of the Amiga Wolfchild tunes. He confirmed the tune was indeed written by him so his one and only ST tune is now correctly identified :)
  • TAO TUNES : We all know just how amazing Tao tunes are! Well a while ago Frank pushed the STe to its limits by updating his Magic Synth software to use DMA sound. I've finally converted these to SNDH. The SNDH uses the full capabilities of the Falcon if you possess such a beast. NOTE: Currently Winjam does not play these tunes correctly, however they sound fine on a real STe/Falcon.  I've also included the original single SID tunes from Songs That Make You Go Hmmm 2, these were later updated into 2 SID voice tunes in the Steps demo.
  • X32 TUNES : God I love these. Good old GGN wrote a XBIOS 32 searcher program which sifted through thousands of MSA's and ZIP files for such ancient tunes. The results are included in this archive. Click if you dare! A fore warning, we've updated the searcher to find STOS music files so you know what to expect in SNDH 4.3 :)

That's all for now..... please give feedback and see you again in SNDH 4.3. Expect major things to happen in the next update!


Tao Tunes

I had a debate with Tao in 2000 regarding some of his earlier tunes. As his Magic Synth player became advanced he added more Sid voices to his tunes. So by the demo "Steps" the tunes featured two Sid voices. He decided to update his old tunes using the new player.

I've now decided to include the original older tunes in the next update as the aim of the SNDH archive is to be the definitive ST chip music resource on the internet.

hopefully a release is imminent however currently working away from home so my ST time is limited :(